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Teacher Training Project 

Project Duration: July 23 - Ongoing

More About Our Teacher Training Project

At Vemoye we are committed to  improving the quality of teaching on the continent and as part  of that commitment we provide our partner organisations with annual training. 

Last year, our training was held online, this year we are working towards having an in-person training day in Lagos, Nigeria. Our trainings are always free but we know that to make greater impact we need to increase access to such trainings for those in more rural parts of Nigeria so we would like to invite teachers from the northern and eastern parts of Nigeria.

We are working towards covering the flights and stay of 2 teachers located in these regions and will work with them to support them in relaying what they have learnt to other teachers in their locality.  

About the Trainer - Hassan Raji

Hassan Raji is a teacher, consultant and career coach specialising in whole School Management, Teaching Development and Business Development. He is an outstanding classroom practitioner with twelve years teaching experience, eight of which are in middle leadership in various UK schools and he is currently the Head of Business Studies at Brigshaw High school, Castleford and the founder of OlaminatED. He specialises in teaching training development and classroom management, aiding overall development of student’s learning experiences in their classrooms. Over the years he has mentored trainee teachers, delivered whole school training programmes ranging from teaching and learning pedagogy and behavioural management and has been a major driver of school ethos amongst staff and students. He has also consulted internationally in countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria, where he delivered a fully packaged teacher training. In 2018, He was invited to Nigeria as one of the consultants at the summer institute for TeachForNigeria, an organisation that aims to mobilise leaders who will drive the movement towards educational equity and excellence in Nigeria. 

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Support this Project

If you love what we are doing and would like to support the work please do consider making a donation.

Partner with Vemoye

If you're a business owner or a corporation interested in partnering with us on this project either by donating money directly to the fund or products or services that can be raffled off, simply email us at and we'll send you details of our sponsorship package. 

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