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No Previous Consultanting Experience Needed- Volunteer and Gain Relevant Experience

Are you the kind of person that has their ears to the ground? You know what’s happening back home, you follow the news and you know the political structure. You know how things work there in terms of cultural expectations. You know or can easily find out the right prices of goods and services on ground. Perhaps you’ve even lived there and so can speak from experience. We want to learn from you, we want you to put all the knowledge to good use by providing relevant information to the organisations that want to start something in your country. We are working all around the African continent but we’re aware that every country has its own set of rules, characteristics and differences so in order for us to be effective we want someone like to help us as we help organisations who want to work out there.


About Vemoye

We are a people-led movement to build Africa by developing the education sector. We work alongside education-focused charities in Africa and help them maximise their impact by leveraging the diaspora’s skills and resources.


Responsibilities (Please note the following responsibilities will be divided among the team so please let us know what part you would be interested in doing)

  • Keeping up to date with what’s happening in your African country

  • Advising Vemoye and our partner organisations

  • Providing a quarterly update on your country

  • Propose projects that we should consider taking on/partnering with in your country


What’s in it for you?

  • It’s an opportunity to help your African nation by using all this knowledge that you’ve naturally acquired.

  • As you don’t need any consulting experience, this is a great opportunity to gain the skills you need for a future career or business that you would like to start.

  • It’s also a great position to add to your CV. “Consultant to Vemoye” sounds good doesn’t it?!


Hours: Ad hoc (You can set the time based on your availability)


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