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Connect Organisations With Skills

Want to make a serious impact on the African continent? A key part of Vemoye’s work is working with educational organisations and seeing how we can help them be more effective. We want to link them with other organisations and fill gaps in their organisation with our skills network. We’re looking for a person that’s great at building working relationships. This is a great opportunity to build your own network as you build the continent. You’ll play a key role in increasing the impact these organisations will make which will lead to change on the continent. 
About Vemoye
We are a people-led movement to build Africa by developing the education sector. We work alongside education-focused charities in Africa and help them maximise their impact by leveraging the diaspora’s skills and resources.
•    Building the database of organisations – You’ll be looking for and reaching out to African-focused educational organisations to see if they would like to join our database of organisations. You’ll be telling them the benefits of joining and the resources that we can make available to them. 
•    Finding out the skills gaps in these organisations – You’ll work closely with these organisations to find out what skills they need. 
•    Working with the HR consult and HR Admin – You’ll be liaising with the HR team to fill the skills gaps in the organisations. 
What’s in it for you?
•    It’s an opportunity to help the African continent by using all this knowledge that you’ve acquired without having to leave the country you reside in. You can make a difference right where you are.  
•    Build your network. As you build our database, you will be building your network and that could lead to major opportunities in the future. Did you know, 85% of jobs are filled through networking? So, your network really is your net worth.
•    It is an opportunity to broaden your experience. Working with African focused organisations is a whole new experience, and this will add a few more notches to your belt.  
•    Great for someone looking to go into comms (not limited to those interest in this sector).
•    It is also a great thing to add to your CV.
Hours: 3-4 hours a week (You can set the time based on your availability)

Just register your interest by emailing us at with the name of the role and your LinkedIn link or your CV. 

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