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Our High Impact Mentoring Scheme is Launching Soon

 About The Olotepesi Project Mentoring Scheme

The Vemoye Foundation, is working alongside local community leader, Mr. Jastine Mironga, to support 5 orphans and vulnerable children from the Kisii and Kajiado counties (Kenya) financially and now we want to support them through mentorship.

We are also training and equipping these young people through mentorship schemes to become community builders, leaders and changemakers. The mentoring scheme will be structured around their holiday time (as during term time, they will be in boarding school). Each module will be created to cover the following: Raise their aspirations, work on their soft skills, teach them to be solution-focused and help them build a career roadmap. 

If you're interested in passing on your knowledge and skills as a mentor please leave your email below and we'll be in touch.

Thank you for registering your interest

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