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No Previous Experience Needed- Volunteer and Gain Relevant Experience

If you’re an individual that’s passionate about Africa and you want to spread the message to others living in the diaspora that they can be a part of the change that’s happening on the African continent, then we need you. We’re looking for a handful of volunteers to manage our social media pages. No experience needed, just passion for the cause. It’s a great opportunity to gain relevant skills particularly if you’re interested in going into marketing in the future or want a chance to learn new skills that you can apply to a future business.  



About Vemoye

We are a people-led movement to build Africa by developing the education sector. We work alongside education-focused charities in Africa and help them maximise their impact by leveraging the diaspora’s skills and resources.


Responsibilities (Please note the following responsibilities will be divided among the team so please let us know what part you would be interested in doing)

  • Develop and manage content for our social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube (if you have a preference in terms of the platform you’d be interesting in helping us with, please do let us know)

  • Keep platforms updated using a scheduling platform

  • Encourage followers to comment and respond to comments

  • Manage and report monthly on our social media analytics

What’s in it for you?

  • It’s an opportunity to help the African continent by using all this knowledge that you’ve acquired without having to leave the country you reside in. You can make a difference right where you are.  

  • Build your experience. If you're interested in going into marketing or want to increase your experience, this is the role for you.

  • It is an opportunity to broaden your experience. Working with African-focused organisations is a whole new experience, and this will add a few more notches to your belt.  

  • Great for someone looking to go into comms, marketing etc. (not limited to those interest in this sector).

  • It is also a great thing to add to your CV.

No experience required, you’ll be managed and mentored in this role, so it’s a great chance to learn new skills.


Hours: 3-4 hours per week

Just register your interest by emailing us at with the name of the role and your LinkedIn link or your CV. 

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